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With TwitchCon 2015 coming to a close this last weekend we got a nice taste of what is happening in the world of streaming. South Africa is fast moving towards an environment where streaming is going to become a possibility with VDSL and fibre lines becoming more accessible.

For quite a while Razer has had a Sponsored Streamer Program and based off of the success of a channel they have different levels of sponsorship, ranging from people just starting out to well established streamers wanting to get better equipment. Entering this market a few months ago with the Razer Seriēn, a high quality USB microphone.


Since then we have seen a the Razer Seirēn Pro, for the more hardcore audio specialist, allowing a XLR connection to a proper mix board. This last weekend they announced not only Project Sheena, their game capture card, but also Project Winona, a desktop camera.

Project Sheena planned to transmit captured video at 1080p60 over USB 3.0.  The higher speed connection is really needed to ensure super low latency between what you see and what your stream does.Having a second audio in makes adding commentary straight into the video much easier or possibly adding in a little background music. Already compatible with OBS( Open Broadcast Software) and other similar products. (Personally I use XSplit)


Project Winona is said to be a VR enabled camera powered by Intel RealSense technology. able to remove backgrounds automatically, gesture recognition for easy gesture control of your PC and most importantly 3D face mapping. As someone who enjoys messing with what I place on my video image, being able to add an afro that actually stays on my head would be great.

Razer is really striving to give the best experience to both viewers and streamers by giving us the easiest possible way to deliver high quality streams and videos.

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