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Happy Spring Day fellow geeks and to celebrate this we would like you to join South Africa’s newest geek lifestyle community. It is to be a node of everything Geek in our fair country and beyond!

We aim to cover everything from movies to tv series. Video games to board games. We’ll even pitch up at your favourite geek-related events to join in the festivities. Fancy some competitions? Yep we’ll even give you those. Action figures and comic books? Yep those as well!


We’re up and coming and we plan to give you everything you want and more.

So without further ado, we give you Geek Node!

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Editor-In-Chief / Entertainment Editor at Geek Node
Jonathan has been a journalist for several years. Writing primarily about video games, and occasionally films and television series. He spends most of his time talking crap on Twitter and looking for the meaning of life in all the wrong places.
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