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Video Game News: Lost Ark Trailer

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South Korea. No, not the one with the crazy dude in the pajama suits, that’s the North.

Today we’re looking at a truly incredible trailer for Lost Ark, an upcoming ARPG from South Korean developers  Smilegate. It looks like some kind of crazy mash up of Diablo/God of War with some WoW thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, plus dragons and mechs because why the hell not?!
So if you’re up for smashing your way across beautiful locations, destroying anything that dares to stand against you with a host of over the top powers, then I think you might well find it interesting. I’ll certainly be keeping a beady eye on it and I’ll let you know once we hear more about plans to release it in English.
Release date is currently TBD, but expect it some time in 2016.


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