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Video Game News: Sniper Elite Developer cries Woolfe

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A few months ago Woolfe creator GRIN ran out of kickstarter money, they were slightly over ambitious but they really did have love for what they wanted to do.  Even they agree they could not achieve what they wanted to the degree they wanted.  As they ran out of money a lot of the backers now had written off the investment on the stretch goals and had given up on the project completely.

This is where Rebellion, creator of the Sniper Elite series, now walked in, they have purchased the IP from GRIN and they have said they intend on honoring the physical rewards that backers were promised. They are currently taking stock of what they already have and what else they need to get created.

“With our connections to merchandise companies, book printers and the like, we realised we’d also be better placed than most companies to step in and provide backers with their rewards,”  – Rebellion

At this point Rebellion has not yet made a decision on what they intend to do with the IP from a creative front but we will see if they might end up making the second part of the Woolfe series. I for one would like that very much, please don’t give this twisted tale the ax.

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