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TV Series Feature: Feature: Top 10 Series-Related Gifts of 2015

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Deck the halls with debt and holly tra la la la la la la!
The festive season is among us and it is time to decide what glorious goodies to buy for your geeky loved ones, and of course, yourself. I have scoured the net to bring you some of the best gift ideas for fans of the small screen from local to international merchants.

1. Daryl’s Crossbow – Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon


With the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead airing this month, get your dose of Daryl Dixon with a replica of this crossbow to fill the void until the new year.


2. Game of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Untitled design (4)

While South African’s don’t need to worry about winter for another 7 months, these two sweaters are perfect for fans of house Stark. However, we strongly advise fans living in Johannesburg to avoid wearing this creation until cooler months or face death by heatstroke.


3. Adventure Time Coloring Journal


If you had a loved one who has hopped onto the bandwagon of adult colouring books and is completely obsessed with this show, let me introduce you to the best gift EVER! Not only can you keep notes and colour your favourite characters to life, but it comes with a Jack the ruler, Lady Rainicorn pen and a BMO bookmark! Shut up and take my money!


4. Dragonball Z Inspired Goku Decal

Untitled design (6)

This decal is a must for any Dragonball Z fans who are looking to take their home to the next level of awesome. And if Dragonball Z isn’t your thing, the seller also has kickass decals for Legend of Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy and more!


5. Geek Crate Subscription

Loot Crate August Heroes box

If you are really unsure what to get your loved one, or even unsure about what to spoil yourself with first, a Geek Crate subscription is the perfect solution. It is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. For just R300 a month, a box filled with wonderful geeky goodness will arrive at your door to surprise and delight you.

Price: R300.00

6. Stormtrooper Necklaces


The ultimate way to show your allegiance to the dark side. These necklaces are locally made by Forever Wild Piercing Supplies. Their prices are music to any South African’s ears, but there is a warning. This site is incredibly addictive and you tend to spend way more than you set out to. Our advice, make sure you have a support system in place to help remove your credit card from your hands should things get out of control.

Price: R80.00

7. Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion 1:6 Scale Model Kit


The famed Cylon Centurion stands a menacing 13-inches tall and is ready to face us humans! Order your model kit from South Africa’s one stop geek merchandise shop Dark Carnival and get it in time for Christmas morning. Please be advised it is only appropriate for levels 15 and up.

Price: R700.00

8. Rick and Morty Galaxy Pillowcase


What is a couch without this pillow? In the wise words of Rick, “It is time to get your beak wet tonight playa!”


9. Tardis Inside Out Dress

Untitled design (3)

For all you Blackmilk and Doctor Who fans out there, I present to you the great garment creation of our time: The Tardis Dress. Not only does this dress look ridiculously cute, but it looks like completely different dress inside out! Say goodbye to walk of shames and having nothing to wear. You will always look amazing celebrating your fandom in this must-have dress.

Price: $180.00 AUD

10. Firefly: The Board Game


Relive one of the greatest shows of all time with this action-packed board game. Commander your own firefly across the galaxy and curse your friends for their sudden but inevitable betrayals.

Price: R717.00

What is going to be under your tree on Christmas morning?

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