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Movie News: DBZ Light Of Hope Episode 2 & 3 Well Underway

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Desolation Morris

It would seem DBZ fever is at an all time high and Robot Underdog is indeed delivering on their promise to give us Episodes 2 & 3 of their fan made series; Light Of Hope.

Ever since it’s initial release, Light Of Hope has enjoyed praise from fans the world over.

Robot Underdog has quickly become the leading name when thinking of fan funded film projects and it’s well deserved. Their latest endeavour is to release their promised Episode’s 2 & 3 of Light Of Hope and it’s going well!

Shooting & planning on Light Of Hope began quite some time ago with an original teaser being included at the end of Episode 1 – it seems we are now nearing the release of those 2 teased episodes.

According to the official FB page ;

Our goal is to release by end of this spring (most of it is shot & rough edited already- just need a couple more scenes)

This puts it at a very likely March 2016 release date.

Whether both new episodes will be available at the same time or individually is yet unclear but I for one can’t wait!

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