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Coming Soon: Solace

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Desolation Morris

Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell star alongside Abbie Cornish and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the upcoming American mystery thriller, Solace, which debuts across South African screens on Friday 26thFebruary 2016.

Solace centres on psychic John Clancy, played by Hopkins, brought on board by the FBI to help hunt down a serial killer with FBI agent Joe Merriweather (Morgan).


Having previously worked together (Clancy suffered a personal tragedy and became reclusive), they look to tackle the case that is extremely difficult to solve due to Ambrose (Farrell) being a psychic and far ahead of Clancy – but Clancy soon makes a connection that was never previously made, thus giving him the advantage he had never had before. Realising this killer has a ‘God-complex’ they need to work quickly to stop the ‘mercy killings’ before anyone else is hurt.

Interesting Fact:

The script for this film was originally intended to be a sequel to Se7en, but the idea was dropped after Se7en director David Fincher vetoed the concept.

This insightful look into life and death does not disappoint- Solace is not to be missed.

Out in cinemas 26th February 2016 – how fine is the line between cruel and kind?

For further information on Solace, including official trailers, please visit: or follow SK on Twitter at @SterEnt using #SolaceSA.

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