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eSports Events: The MaD Hatters Have Some Community Tournaments For March

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While eSports is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, we don’t always have to keep it competitive. Sometimes it’s nice to settle down with a nice, hopefully friendly community tournament and luckily the MaD Hatters have set up a couple for March.

Are you ready for a brawl? Maybe you have more of a need for speed? You might even be in a league? Regardless of what you’re in to, MaD has something for you in March. The local clan has set up some tournaments for popular local games as well as a couple of up and coming titles. Next month MaD will be running tournaments for Brawlhalla, Rocket League and League of Legends.

The “Vorpal” Tourney #1 will see players fight it out in the 2D brawler Brawlhalla. This Smash-like game is currently in open beta on Steam and is well worth the tie of anyone who enjoys brawlers or fighting games. It’s easy enough to pick up and play, but there’s always room to improve as you come to better understand the game. You can sign up for “Vorpal” Tourney #1 here

Last year Rocket League took the world by storm, but the biggest surprise about it was why didn’t it happen sooner. Soccer meets cars to create some high-octane, Adrenalin filled fun that creates some pretty intense matches. The “Rabbit Hole” Tourney #1 can be signed up for here and will see teams of three going at it to show who has a better understanding of gravity and control of their car.

And last but not least, the one most of you have been waiting for, the “Futterwacken” Tourney #2. The MaD Hatters League of Legends tournament will see teams of 5 take to Summoners Rift to battle it out for glory. The “Futterwacken: Tourney #2 can be signed up for here and boast some pretty decent prize support from Riot.

More information abouth the March MaD Hatters community tournaments can be found here.

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