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eSports Press Release: MSSA Loses To The GEA

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It really hasn’t been a good week for the MSSA. Earlier this week they had to call off a pretty big event and now this report has come in. Things don’t really seem to be going well locally but we can at least always chalk these things up as a learning experience.

On Saturday Mind Sports South Africa took on the Ghana eSports Association an official IeSF accredited FIFA ’16 test match. While the team was unable to pull out a victory, I’m sure the players learnt a lot and probably got to enjoy the experience.

On Saturday, 6 February 2016, South Africa took on Ghana at FIFA ’16 at Hullabaloo, 72 Steenkamp Road, Witbank in an official IeSF accredited test match.

The South African team was considerably younger than their Ghanaian counterparts which falls in line with Mind Sports South Africa’s policy of developing teams for international competition. Part of MSSA’s development programme includes the inclusion of females into the national team in order to eradicate gender bias.

First up was Joline Bico, the only female currently serving in a national team for the FIFA ’16 title. Joline fought fiercely against her opponent, never giving her opponent any chances. However, the Ghanaian proved tto strong for her and Joline finally lost both her games after a long struggle.
Bonge Zwane proved to be the unluckiest of the three South Africans. Bonge had more shots on goal than his opponent, had a far stronger attack than his opponent, but failed to capitalise on his strengths. Bonge too lost both his games.

Even the current South African champion, Kyle Turnbull, found that the matches were harder than he suspected. His opponents were shocked at just how good Kyle is. However, Kyle lost his first match, but quickly bounced back to win his second game.

Thus the South African team (all from Witbank) may have lost against Ghana, but as Kwezi Hayford of Ghana eSports Association stated, ” We did not think that the South Africans would be so strong. Already our players are talking about a rematch”.

Thus the SA team may not have had the results that they wanted, but they garnished the respect and friendship of their opponents.

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