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Geek Node News: February 29 Update

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Greetings Nodians and welcome to a new edition of the Geek Node News.

I am here to update you guys a bit as to the happenings behind the scenes here at Geek Node and to give you a better perspective as to what has been happening of late.

TLDR: We f*cked up, we semi-fixed it and we hope you guys aren’t TOO mad at us. Operations should be relatively back to normal now.

As I’m sure you guys noticed, we had a bit of difficulty on the site on Friday and this was as a result of a plugin update that caused the website to behave abnormally. You will notice that the Aggregator on the front page had been disabled and this might make you think that this is, in fact the culprit. You would be right and wrong.

The main plugin is still working perfectly and you can still catch all your geeky newsy goodness right here, however, the widget plugin we use to output the moving slider on the front page had gone buggy and our developer and host has been working non-stop over the weekend to try and get it back to operational status, which they now have.

What actually happened was as a result of the bug we were unable to post new content while the bug was prevalent. All scheduled posts that we set up before the bug kicked in carried on as per usual but we just couldn’t add new content. As a result Pikey’s podcast with NAG-Editor, Michael James has been postponed along with the hinted at competition. Our Horror Bundle Competition is however still running so if you guys would like to enter that, you can still do so if you haven’t already.

While the site was semi-down for maintenance, we took the opportunity to move it to Virtual Private Server to help with the performance issues we have been experiencing as of late. This happened at 10PM on Friday night and, as a result of a move there may have been a very short period of time while the nameservers were realigning that any votes captured in the Horror Competition may have gone astray, so if you did enter the competition sometime around 10PM, on Friday night, do pop onto the page again and re-enter. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

In positive news, we are still tweaking the site since the move to the VPS and you will notice a few changes on the site in the coming weeks, including speed-related and cosmetic stuff. As always though if you guys spot anything that looks broken or simply think could use some improvement do let us know. We do listen.

We do Geek Node for you guys, this isn’t just a narcissistic website run by the Geek Node team for the Geek Node team. We truly value your input. We aren’t perfect and we have made this abundantly clear from the get-go. We are still growing and we are humble in our motivations.

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  • Lies! Don’t believe it! This is a coverup! He dropped the server hard drive in the bath while washing it!

    • NiteFenix

      You totally caught me out. It’s true…all of it.

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