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Geek Node Podcast – Episode 17: It’s All The rAge Back Home!

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Hello there you wonderful piles of stardust and unicorn farts, it’s time for another episode of your 30007th favourite podcast! This episode was supposed to go live on Friday, but we had some hosting issues and had to migrate the site. Blame Morris (I always do!)

This episode we’re chatting all things rAge Expo with the Founder and Senior Project Manager, Michael James. Join us as we discuss the expo, it’s first ever trip to Cape Town (about time!), and a variety of geeky topics sure to put a grin on your lovely little smushed up faces!  🙂

As promised, you can win tickets to the Cape Town rAge Expo (18th-20th March 2016) below:

rAge Cape Town Ticket Giveaway!

This giveaway will run for this week (ending at 11:59 on Saturday 5th March) I will announce the winners on the podcast that will go live on the 7th. Good luck all!

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