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Video Game News: Bethesda Teases Some Changes To The Fallout 4 Wasteland

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I hope you’re all ready to head back into the wasteland. It’s been a while since Fallout 4 came out and now that the world’s productivity is finally starting to get back to where it was, Bethesda thought they should just ruin it again.

We all know that there is DLC in development for Fallout 4, it’s just that Bethesda has been rather quiet about it all. That is until they decided to start teasing the new content.

While we don’t know anything about this, it’s quite difficult to not get excited by it. Even though the news of DLC coming coming soon, there is something that some might find a little more interesting.

A complete overhaul of the survival mode is far more intriguing than the future DLC at the moment. As someone who enjoys the intensity that survivals modes bring, I feel like the changes Bethesda is planning to make will make Fallout 4s far more engaging.

This is however all the information we have for the moment. Hopefully Bethesda will decide to throw us a bigger bone next week and we get a total breakdown of both the survival overhaul and the first DLC pack for Fallout 4.

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