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Video Game News: Uncharted 4’s story trailer is fantastic (and they made an oopsie)

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Uncharted 4 is undoubtedly Sony’s killer exclusive right now, promising all of the worlds as we move ever closer to Nathan Drake’s final adventure. As such, they’re really pushing the game as their headliner and with that comes the aggressive marketing. We got an especially pleasant piece of marketing in the form of the game’s newest story trailer. It hits all the right notes to get you hyped up and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. You can watch it above.

However, something a bit regrettable happened. Contained within the trailer is a painting that contains a picture that looks awfully familiar. Lo and behold, it is a piece of concept art from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.

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Whoops! It’s a pretty obvious resemblance except for the person standing on the shore. However, Naughty Dog were quick to apologize for the blunder and changed the image in the trailer to something else and replaced the original.

That was kind of a massive oversight that shouldn’t have happened, but accidents do occur sometime during crunch time.

Source: Kotaku 

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