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Movie News: Indiana Jones 5 Is A Go?

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Desolation Morris

After the steaming pile of vine swinging alien poop we got in the form of Indiana Jones 4 we finally received word that Indiana Jones 5 is indeed happening. Whether Spielberg or Lucas will be involved is unclear but we do know that it’s definitely a go.

At this time there are rumours that the 72 year old Harrison Ford might return to the famous role but I find this unlikely as the high energy action role of a new Indy movie would require more activity than he would be capable of at this point.

There are of course recasting rumours too and that the franchise might shift to become something more along the lines of James Bond, where Indy is played by a new actor every couple of films but whether this will come to pass will remain to be seen as right now it appears that everyone from Shia LeBeouf to Chris Pratt are in the running to take up the satchel and swing into a new age.

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Desolation Morris

Desolation Morris

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  • NiteFenix

    Chriss Pratt has already proven he has the chops to fill Harrison’s shoes and people have been clamouring for him to be the new Han Solo and Indy for years! It just makes sense to cast him in both roles.

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