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It’s a beautiful thing to bring games to life with your imagination and give your button bashing thumbs a rest.

Board game lovers united at the Unplug Yourself zone at Cape Town’s first ever rAge Expo over the weekend. The Geek Node team were no different and spent quite a bit of our time getting our geek on and putting our imaginations to the test!


My highlight from the stand was finally learning how to play Magic: The Gathering. Lucky for me, Liam took me under his wing and helped me kick BiPolarBear’s ass three times in a row! Whoop whoop!

I finally understand why people are so into this card game. I love the whole strategy behind it and how it incorporates all the magical elements into defeating your foe. I have it written down in my Evernote reminders to make sure to end the next Magic: The Gathering get together so that my new found skills don’t get rusty.

There was a myriad of board games to choose from. This did make choosing a wee bit difficult. From Settlers of Catan to Discworld and even the new releases I had never seen before, rAge goers were definitely spoilt for choice. I eventually settled on Medieval Academy and absolutely loved it! It is such a simple concept, but once again is a game with delicious strategy.


I hope to see the Unplug Yourself zone back at next year’s rAge, but just a lot bigger! A lot of the times it felt like there was just not enough free space for everyone that was keen to demo a game or learn the ways of strategic card playing.

My time at the zone has definitely showed that I have a previously unexplored love for boardgames that I need to explore further. Is it too late to add 2016 resolutions? Because after rAge I am committed to spending more time attending board game events, unplugging myself from the screen and into a wondrous world created from my imagination.

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