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Video Game News: Massive Playstation VR Detail Blowout

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During GDC, Sony decided that they were going to share all of the juicy details on their VR device, creatively named Playstation VR (Project Morpheus was way cooler if I’m honest). First thing’s first, it will release in October. Not quite far away, but it is a bit of a wait. As for price, one of the biggest details we’ve been waiting for, it will retail for drumroll please:


So about R20 000 if our economy keeps going down this path. But seriously, that is the price that the Playstation 4 retailed for back in 2013. So you know it is going to have a hectic price tag locally, but that is made a bit worse by the fact that you’re going to be needing a Playstation Camera in order for the thing to work and that retails for $60. Still, it’s way cheaper than its competitors, namely the Oculus Rift and the HTC ViVe. Also considering you need a pretty hefty PC to run those devices, the Playstation VR would probably be your cheapest entry into the VR world.

You can also use Move controllers with the system, but they are not a requirement seeing as the Dualshock 4 acts as a Move controller on its own. Here’s the complete specs for the device:


As for software, Sony have announced that they have over 230 developers working on PSVR with an estimate of about 50 games released from October to the end of the year. This includes games such as Until DawnL Rush of Blood, Rez Infinite, EVE: Valkyrie and Eagle Flight from Ubisoft.

Here’s a completely unrealistic trailer with rave music:

Personally, I’m pretty happy with what was revealed. The price tag, while hefty, is about what you would have expected from a VR experience. To know that there are so many developers working on games for the peripheral is also a bonus. Of course, VR is an entirely new world and that can bring along challenges that we never knew we had and there’s also the chance that it goes the way of the Virtual Boy and becomes nothing more than a gimmick that we will forget in a few years time. Only time will tell, but so far the foundations look pretty solid.

Here are all the promotional pictures for the device as well as a look at some of the stuff you will get in the box, including headphones and a whole bunch of cables.

Source: VG247

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