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Video Game News: South Africa Getting A SEGA Megadrive With 80 Games

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MG Thabo

Alright, now this I didn’t expect. Little known fact about me, during my beginning years as a gamer, my platform of choice was the SEGA Megadrive. It started with a knock-off NES, but my “real” gaming experiences happened on the SEGA console. I still have no idea how I got one being a kid in a rural area in Port Elizabeth, but somehow I got it and I even got a decent number of games for it, mostly from second-hand shops which also sounds pretty unlikely. I played Sonic and Knuckles to oblivion and was absolutely blown away by it. Another favourite of mine was Comix Zone, a lesser known title that has some pretty cool ideas and an awesome style.

Now we will be able to relive those memories with the announcement that we are going to be able to buy a fully working SEGA Megadrive console that includes wireless controllers and 80 built in games. The marque games are Mortal Kombat, with the console coming with the first three Mortal Kombat games. You can also use original SEGA Megadrive cartridges from all regions on the console.

It will retail for R1499.99 at selected retail stores, which is admittedly a bit steep, but hell, you’re getting 80 games and all of the nostalgia you can take. It plans to release during March.


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MG Thabo

MG Thabo

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