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Video Game News: Take A Peek At Some Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Gameplay

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Mirror’s Edge was a great little concept game. It featured a first person parkour system that hasn’t really been realised in other games quite at the same level that Mirror’s Edge tried to accomplish. Unfortunately, the game didn’t really resonate that well with gamers, but it achieved some cult status. It was a bit too ambitious for what it ultimately did, but it’s undeniable that it was something unique.

That was 8 years ago and now we’re getting a new one in the form of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. That’s some “new Metallica album” level waiting time. They aim to refine the formula they established in the original and try some new things with the systems they designed. We haven’t got as much gameplay of the game, but guess what, now we do!

Firstly, there’s some gameplay of the movement:

The movement system looks much the same as the original, but a bit smoother. A new feature they revealed is Shift, an ability where you can go faster very quickly in any direction. There’s also further tech upgrades such as a Mag Rope that will help Faith traverse.

The second video features some combat:

Combat will focus exclusively on hand-to-hand as the game will have no gunplay. They mentioned that Faith will have more “fluid” based attacks where you get better and more powerful if you string your attacks together. There’s also features called Focus and Flow. Focus allows you to not take damage from enemies, but if you lose it, you will be much more vulnerable. Flow is a state of awareness that Faith can reach that allows her to do more powerful attacks.

Source: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

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