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Movie News: Wait, Steam Is Getting Twilight?

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MG Thabo

This is slightly strange. Steam does actually have movies at its disposal such as the Free-To-Play documentary that followed a bunch of pro Dota 2 players as well as one of my personal favourite documentaries, Indie Game: The Movie. But I didn’t know they had some more conventional movies available on the primarily gaming platform. Lionsgate, a huge studio responsible for franchises such as Saw, Hunger Games and of course Twilight, has announced that they will be releasing their movies on the service in the near future.

The current catalog of movies at the moment can only be described as abysmal. There’s only really cheap D list movies available and a bunch of pure garbage, but once Lionsgate can get in there, the catalog might be elevated a little bit. But with stuff like Twilight, I don’t think elevate is the right word.

This was just pretty strange to me since I didn’t even know there were movies on the platform and more to the point, why would there be? But hey, whatever rocks your boat.

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MG Thabo

MG Thabo

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