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Movie News: Young Han Solo Found?

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Desolation Morris

According to sources, the lead runner for the young Han Solo movie is currently Alden Ehrenreich who knocked the socks off people during screen tests. He did so well that it catapulted him to the front of the line.

Ehrenreich is best known for his roles in Hail, Caesar & Blue Jasmine. He’s also appeared as an extra in Supernatural and CSI.  To me he doesn’t much look like Han Solo but others might disagree entirely. Does he have what it takes?

Time will tell…

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Desolation Morris

Desolation Morris

Guest Contributor - Entertainment
Werner is a strange one...he quotes a lot of things...incoherently I might add, also he reviews stuff from time to time. We still don't truly understand what he is or where he came from. To quote him verbatim: Make sure they see my twitter handle so I can get hookers and drugs.
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  • Nick de Bruyne

    If there’s anything I’ve learned its that mannerisms can do even more than visual similarities when it comes to mimicking someone, you just gotta have the right little things

    • Much like Gaspard Ulliel as Lecter in Hannibal Rising, he merely resembled the original Hannibal as played by Hopkins but his mannerisms sealed the deal completely. Though the film itself remains questionable I’ve always enjoyed his performance as a young Lecter. Hopefully Ehrenreich can pull off something similar!

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