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Tech Features: Let’s talk PC Gaming – Mods

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Sure you might have the idea that mods simply nude mod all the characters in popular video games (and you won’t be wrong), but sometimes mods can be far more than that, even to the extent where they become fully fledged standalone games.


So what exactly are (game) mods? How do you get your hands on them? (These are software or game mods, so not the sticker kits console gamers call ‘modding’. )

Mods usually come in the following categories (but are not limited to them):

  • Texture mods
  • Complete Overhaul / total conversion mods
  • Additional content
  • Fixes

Texture mods:


Yep, these are the ones that also remove the clothes and add more … detail to characters, but they are also there to add higher resolution textures, more realistic looking textures (and this includes fauna and flora) and generally give games that ‘omg is that real?’ look.

Skyrim has some fantastic texture mods available and even the ill fated Aliens: Colonial Marines have recently received a complete overhaul to make it look and play closer to the initial reveal than the final game ever did.

If you want your game to look prettier, this is the way to go.

TESV 2012-04-11 06-24-23-83

Complete Overhaul / total conversion mods:

These mods are responsible for birthing brand new games from the carcass of the old and some now include fully fledged stand alone games like Dota, Natural selection, Insurgency, Garry’s Mod and DayZ to name but a few.


Additional content mods:

These mods add extra content and features to existing games. Always wanted to co-op or multiply in Just Cause 2? There is a mod for that. Wanted to have additional armor, missions and features in Skyrim or Fallout? There are mods for that. Want to replay the best Ghost Recon missions ever made in a modern engine? Yup, Arma 2 and 3 has mods for those.



Simply put these ‘mods’ fix the shortcomings of the developer and make the game perform better, play better and often allow them to adhere to the basic tenets of PC gaming (UI fixes, mouse fixes, etc). One of the most famous mods in this category was created by Durante to fix Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition on PC… within minutes of the game being released. These guys are the real MVPs!


Ok, so you now vaguely know what mods are, where do you get them? The best place to find mods are on Nexusmods and on the Steam Workshop.

Simply hit either of those sites, find your game and follow the instructions from the author exactly and you should be good to go!

Are you mod creator? Want to share your experiences in the comment below? Go ahead, we won’t stop you!


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