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Hi there. So apparerntly I have to introduce myself.  I’m The Stubbs, because I am the only Stubbs. I’m here to review board games and whatever else I can get my cheeto covered fingers on. I started board gaming during a lull in my roleplaying. It was a quick and easy way to get friends together that didn’t involve a lot of prep work and having everyone meet at the same time every week. While I still roleplay (a lot) board games are my go to excuses to get together with people.And then we all died!

And thisMy history of roleplaying and psychology mean that I view games as social experiences so I tend to have different tastes from the average boardgamer. I can go from loathing a game and never wanting to play it to playing it to death just because I have the right kind of experience with other players and finally grok the game. So hopefully you’ll join me on this adventure and learn something along the way.

Editor’s Note (and fun fact):  The Stubbs is also a huge Whovian, just like our resident Pyromaniac, so expect a crap load of Doctor Who references in his articles :D.

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The Stubbs

The Stubbs

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The Ubergeek made up of parts from lesser geeks in a lab somewhere. He also likes RPGS and useless facts.
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