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Video Game News: Have A Look At Some New Details About Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

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MG Thabo

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment was quite the decent little game. It didn’t have the oomph or the staying power of a traditional AAA game, but it had a lot of charm and some great ideas. It made you feel like an actual detective and it required some strong thinking power to solve some of the cases in the game. You could also mess an entire case up by convicting the wrong people and making the wrong connections between clues which was a great way of handling a game like this.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is the follow up to Crimes and Punishment and the studio, Bigben Interactive, is going big. We got a little more info about the game from a preview done by PC Gamer which you can read for all of the fine details. In summary, the game will be a lot more ambitious in many ways than one. There will now be more side-activities for you to do within the game such as boxing, arm-wrestling and bottle shooting. Holmes and Watson are younger and much more heroic than their previous interpretations which means that they might have to shoot their way out of tricky situations.

This can mean that the game will be a little more action orientated this time. The developers also stated that there will be more meaningful choices that have dire consequences and if you were wrong in your investigation, you will have to live with that. There will be four cases as well as one case that will span the entire game.

Crimes and Punishment has done quite well, but there were some definite areas for improvement. Hopefully they realise this with Devil’s Daughter.

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