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Video Game News: Persona 5’s Website Has A Foreboding Countdown

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MG Thabo

The Persona series has been hugely important in my life. Persona 4 blew me away so hard that I consider it one of my best games of all time. The relationships you build, the characters you get to know and the amazing story was just absolutely astounding. It has made me feel emotions that no other game could make me feel and it will forever remain a highlight in my life. So yeah, I’m pretty excited about Persona 5. Are you kidding me, one of my favourite series ever on a new generation console? It’s a dream come true.

Atlus, being the crafty bastards they are, haven’t really given us much information on Persona 5 as of yet. We have a bunch of trailers, some pictures from a magazine and a vague Summer 2016 release date. Persona fans have been dying to know when they’ll be able to jump into this new adventure and we might get it, come May 5th.

The Persona 5 website now displays a countdown going to that date and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen at the end of that countdown. But by golly am I excited.

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MG Thabo

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