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Video Game Trailers: This Outlast II Gameplay Will Freak The Pants Off You

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MG Thabo

Red Barrels did a fantastic job at reducing our life expectancy by about a solid year with Outlast, their debut and crowning achievement. The game was unsettling in the best of ways with its insane asylum setting and extremely unnerving story. It also brought along an element of genuine fear that you didn’t quite feel in other horror games. It scared the crap out of me when I first played it and Whistleblower, its DLC, was even more unsettling. There were times when I almost threw my controller in the air as I jumped and some less than desirable words also came out of my mouth.

Now, with Outlast II, Red Barrels are back at it again with the spooky shit. This time, it looks like we’re at a place that I find almost as unsettling as an insane asylum: middle America farm land. Oh those places never fail to give me the heebie jeebies. The old barns, the scarecrows, the cornfields and all that good stuff. Also, we learn that the protagonist can talk, unlike the mute in the first game that just went along with all the shit that happened to him without uttering a word. In addition, there seems to be some religious malarkey going on with crosses and dead kids and the things you usually find at Disney World for example.

Check out the 10 minute long trailer for the game and prepare yourself for some spooks.

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MG Thabo

MG Thabo

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