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Video Game Feature: Top 5 Games Of The Last 25 Years – A Moratorium

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MJ Khan
This entry is part 26 of 26 in the series Top 5 Games of the 25 Years

When I started penning these lists 8 months ago, little did I know that the games would go on to define a large part of my life. Gaming has always been a constant for me and I tend to remember years based on the games I’ve played (even more so than remembering years based on where I was working at the time).

I kept true to my rules:

“To ensure consistency, here are the rules I follow when compiling these lists

  • I will only write about games I’ve played
  • Even though I played most of these games a few years after they released, I will stick with the year they were released (otherwise this list will be all over the place)
  • Due to the second rule, it does mean I won’t be able to list gems like Super Mario Brothers and Circus Charlie”

And now I’ve hit an impasse – I can’t in all fairness do a ‘Top 5 games of 2015’ when my backlog includes The Witcher 3, Super Mario Maker, Fallout 4, Black Ops 3, Life is Strange and MGS 5. Sure, I could do a half-assed list with games like Mortal Kombat X and Rocket League (one of the greatest multiplayer games ever conceived) sharing the page with lesser titles like Arkham Knight, but I respect and appreciate our readers taking the time to consume my work.

I’m going to spend a few months ploughing through my backlog and revisit 2015’s list when I’m confident I have played the field. I dig the top 5 format as it gives me structure so I’m going to change my focus to a few unorthodox lists (top 5 games that use South Africa as a setting, 5 laziest Mortal Kombat fatalities etc).

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Click on to view every list from 1990 – 2014. Leave a comment and let me know which games you agreed with and which ones I’ve left out (Mass Effect).

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MJ Khan

MJ Khan

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