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Video Game News: No Man’s Sky Almost Had To Change Its Name

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MG Thabo

Trademarks and copyrights can be a load of crap most of the time. They’re necessary, sure, but often times it can just be petty and pretty nonsensical. Remember that time when King wanted to trademark the word “candy”? Or when the Fine Bros wanted to trademark the word “react”? Absolute stupidity. You can’t just snatch up a bunch of commonly used nouns and then claim them as your own. Another example of this crap can be found in the battle that Hello Games had to face with the name of their game, No Man’s Sky.

Sky TV apparently owned the word “Sky” and through a tireless 3 year struggle, they finally got the rights to use it. If they didn’t, they could have maybe been forced to change the name of the game entirely. Sean Murray announced this on the game’s Twitter:

We need to agree not to trademark words that are used every damn day by millions of people in the future. Maybe I should trademark “the” and just watch the billions pour in.

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