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Video Game News: Watch Dogs 2 Officially Revealed, Here’s All We Know

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We’ve been getting a ton of leaks this week about Watch Dogs 2 with a bunch of ads airing way before they were supposed to and trailers playing where they shouldn’t have. But now we got official confirmation that the game is real and it’s looking pretty dope so far. You play as a hacker named Marcus Holloway, who has been wrongfully accused of a crime through the ctOS 2.0 system. The game will take place in San Francisco, as was rumoured.

Gameplay is looking pretty different with it looking more fluid and having more options than the original. You’ll now be able to hack cars (just don’t ask how that is possible), use drones and little RC cars, and the parkour system looks a lot more fleshed out. Here’s a gameplay trailer if you want to see it in action:

The open-world will be much more dependent on player choice, with you being able to use stealth or whatever means you deem necessary. You can also do missions in any order with the goal of rising Marcus’s follower count to reach the game’s endgame. San Francisco is modeled after the real city with all of the landmarks being in the game and the silicon valley culture that the city is known for will also be prominent.

The multiplayer will feature players roaming around the world who you can interact with and participate in co-op with and there will also be PvP involved.

The game makes some lofty promises and from first glance it looks like a major improvement over the original game. Of course, time will tell if the game will have the staying power in an industry that is sort of burned out on open-world titles.

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