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Event: Unplug Yourself at rAge 2016

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Is it just me, or was rAge super intense this year? From local indie games to cosplay, there wasn’t much that rAge didn’t cover. There was something marvellous for everyone – geeks and normal people alike. And let’s not even get started on the amount of people that were there on Saturday! It’s always hard to pick out your favourite stall at rAge – there is such diversity and so much to do/buy at all of them. Having said that though, there’s one that stands out for me every single year. It’s the kind of stall that has a game for everyone – the family, the party-goer and the geek. Every year, it invites the public to sit down amongst the chaos, chill out for a bit and play some board games. You guessed it, it’s the Unplug Yourself stand! 1

Together with Solar Pop (our biggest board game distributing company in SA), Timeless Board Games managed to set up one of the most successful stands at rAge. As usual, the stand allowed the public to pick any board game demo among a pile of games and play them for the day. The staff around the stall were constantly on standby, helping set up and instruct players on how to play the numerous games that were available. The stand also provided multiple chairs and tables for the public to sit around, take a break from the mayhem of rAge, and play. Amongst the mountain of games accessible, there were three games that stood out to me:

The first, and my favourite, was “The Dragon and Flagon” by Brian, Geoff and Sydney Engelstein. It’s basically a representation of a bar fight. Players choose their own quirky character, fight each other and take each other’s money until the city guard come to break up the fight. The pieces are beautiful, the actions that the players can take actually feel like a bar fight (I’m talking about picking up mugs and chairs and lugging them at other 20161009_112719characters) and, the best part, the board comes double sided, allowing for player to play a co-op game where they need to steal treasure from the other team.

The next game that made the top 4 was Mysterium. A game that’s basically a hybrid of Dixit and Cluedo. One player plays as a ghost who tries to tell the other plays (who are psychics) who murdered him/her. The psychics must look into their crystal balls and collect visions from the ghost – which are actually abstract, weird and sometimes really beautiful images. If the psychics don’t find the suspects of the murder before the clock strikes 7 on the phase clock, the psychics lose the game and the ghosts haunt the mansion forever! This is a really great game for Halloween.

The third game, which is always a popular one, is Star Wars X-Wing. This game attracted so many people at rAge – most likely because of its beautiful models and the contraptions that it comes with. Star Wars X-Wing is a game that focuses on movement and shooting, as though the player were the pilot of the ship. In the base pack, two TIE Fighter ships and one Rebel X-Wing are provided, one player controls the two TIE Fighters and the other controls the Rebel X-Wing. The players use special rulers to move and shoot, and play until one of the players loses all of his/her ships. It’s pretty simple to learn how to play and it’s one of the most entertaining games to watch and to play. 20161007_182309

All in all, the Unplug Yourself stand was one of the most successful stalls at rAge. It catered to people of all ages, and was a fantastic pit stop among the wild sea of people that attended rAge this year. The stall was often packed full of people, so much so that there weren’t enough chairs and tables to cater for all of them all the time (and believe me, there were a lot of chairs and tables). I’m very excited to see what the stall has up their sleeves for next year at rAge – it should be even bigger and better than what we have seen previously!

Special thanks to the Unplug Yourself Facebook page for their photos!

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