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Geek Node News: Me, Myself and I.. We are Sai :)

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We would like to introduce ourselves, me, myself and I.. We are Sai, as most would know me by. (the rhyming was not planned… at all). We have gone by Ling Ling before, but that is a whole other story altogether! *cough the Drawn Together movie cough*

We are now part of the Awesome Geek Node family, who would be reviewing Indie games, plus play backup if we are needed ^^


Spawned in Stellenbosch, lived our whole life in Paarl Western Cape, with the mom, dad, and siblings. (Apparently, we were always a geek as per the youngest sibling.. pshh) Our mom who has literally introduced us to the gaming world has made us who we are today, and still games herself. Legend holds it that we were born with a mouse in the right hand and a keyboard in the left, true story!

We moved to Durban end 2007, we now work in an office during the day, no comment.. as soon as that is over and done with, we are a mother  to a 3 & a half-year-old little human, he’s cute… we will keep him, yes! After all that, the “US” come out to do what we love, gaming of course! World of Warcraft is our weakness and poison, we do love other games as well, really do… but, the first choice is always the first choice.


We have now come out of hiding and out of our comfort zone, to try something new, writing reviews! We hope you enjoy!


Sai out, game on!

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