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Video Game Preview: Riders of Asgard by Gobbo Games

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Riders of Asgard is a fun, casual platform game that puts the player in the shoes of a BMX rider. But not just any rider – a Viking rider! Players are given the opportunity to do crazy tricks and awesome stunts as they ride their bikes through the multiple ramps and obstacles in the level. As the player progresses through the game, they are able to upgrade their bike, as well as their Viking avatar, to make their aerobatic stunts more impressive. riders-of-asgard-screenshot09

Riders of Asgard was created by our local game development company, Gobbo Games, in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. Gobbo Games was founded in 2008 by Quinton Delpeche, who was joined by Matthew Leach. Together, the pair started to grow the company, creating one of their first game, Soul Wars. The company currently has five different games, all at different stages of development, up their sleeves. Riders of Asgard is one of these games, and recently, the team has just celebrated the fact that it has been Greenlit on Steam! (Woo goo SA game devs!). This means that the Steam community has shown enough interest into the game, and Valve has contacted Gobbo Games to start talking about releasing it for sale to the public. That’s a big deal! You can read more about the company here.

So why have people shown so much interest in Riders of Asgard? Well, besides the fact that it’s super addictive and easy to play, it is the kind of game that can be enjoyed by everyone. From young to old or boys to girls, the game is really appealing for everyone. The game focuses on the feel-good mechanics of being able to do flips and tricks with your Viking BMX rider, and pairs it with a really adorable aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and really, really cool to watch. 746115655_preview_riders-of-asgard-screenshot02

The most impressive thing about the game is that the platform world is not limited to 2D. The player is able to choose his/her own path as they move around the map. For example, I can make my Viking rider jump from one ramp, to another ramp that is on a separate 2D plane (a different depth) – allowing me to explore the level as well as the obstacles and treasures within it. This adds so much more space to the game, making it a really interesting way to approach typical 2D platform games.

The space that the game utilities makes the game’s replayability so much more interesting than other games with this particular genre. Mixed with the huge amount of flips, jumps, spins and dives that the player is able to do, the game has a completely different experience with each level that the player needs to complete. This, mixed with the multiple ways that you can edit your Viking rider, makes the game cute, fun and super replayable.trick01

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has children or is into the platform genre. It is very exciting to see how the game developers have created space within the game’s world and how they have allowed the player to interact in that space. I would be very interested to see how much they are going to charge for the game, as well as how their multiplayer will work in the later versions.



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