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Video Game Preview: Herolike

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What a fun preview to do! This ARPG inspired game is super fun and fast! Certain features like “permadeath” is quite interesting… eeek! But we will get to that a bit later! I just love the intro music and overall user-friendliness of the game, few clicks and off you go gaming!

Herolike has two gameplay options, The first option is Hack ‘n’ Slash – mouse usage to move and attack – similar to Diablo, Titan quest type of games. The second option is Top-down – both mouse and keyboard – keyboard to move and mouse to attack. Ohh I love the fact that you have 5 different hero choices to choose from, namely:

  • Guardian
  • Shaman
  • Hunter
  • Barbarian
  • Trickster


I chose my Shaman.. of course!! (my all-time fave character!!!)  When you click on a hero choice, it gives you a small bit of information and description of that hero, so all depending on your style of gameplay, there is one for all!

Off we go choosing our hero, and of course your name.. don’t put too much thought into that name, it won’t last long 😉 As mentioned before, a little interesting feature… “PERMADEATH”! So once you die, you start over. it’s all good, makes you want a go at it again.. and again.. and again.. (well at least for me it was.. because I died a few times … well, a lot actually *wink*) yes… yes there was swearing. Quite a bit of it!


Once you get the gameplay down, it is extremely fun. You can, of course, start off with the trial or just go straight into battle. As your first map begins, there is a little merchant dude, where you can get some mana, health etc.

When you get past the “permadeath” and get your skills better, killing some mobs, and even win the encounter, you move on to the next location on the map. Plus all the other nice goodies included, level up with enough experience, points to upgrade your attributes, town, and even a merchant!

Overall, I truly enjoyed playing this game, can’t wait to see more 😉


Sai out, Game on!

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