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Movie Trailer: 1 Day Until Valerian Teaser Trailer!

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As of last night at 10pm, there is only one sleep left until we get to see the brand new Valerian Teaser Trailer.

Here’s some more details from the movie while we wait in eager anticipation:


  • The Intruder is the spaceship piloted by Valerian and Laureline. This ship allows them to travel anywhere in space and time.
  • The ship is equipped with an on-board super computer named Alex. Alex has a sense of humor and full-fledged personality of her own and operates as Valerian and Laureline’s unofficial third partner. Alex’s voice is represented by a red light on the interior of the ship while it assists the duo in every mission.
  • The Intruder was referred to as “Astroship XB982” in the comic series and debuted in 1969 in “The Great Collector”.
  • Made in China in the early 2700’s, the Intruder is the first intergalactic model used by the army, sturdy enough to be on duty 24/7.
  • The XA model made it possible to stay inside our galaxy.

It has been necessary to wait 2720 to discover the XB model which can travel until the ends of the universe and enable to go back in time 30 centuries ago (or enable time travelling up to 30 centuries ).

  • The first series was built in 1,000 copies. Valerian and Laureline got #980, one of the latest and more sophisticated models.
  • The XB 980 has been assigned to them for the rest of their life.

Therefore they need to take care of it, like their life depends on it. Losing their space ship will involve an immediate dismissal.

  • The meeting is held each month at the Centre for Shipbuilding, in the suburb of Shangaï.
  • Since they have been aboard the XB980, Valerian and Laureline have ridden more far 100 million light-years.
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