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Movie Features: Fame’s 5 Must See Movies for 2017

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The new year is finally upon us and that means a new slate of movies for us to devour. After much deliberation I managed to finalise my top 5. I must say besides 2 of them, it was a tough choice, and that can only mean good things for us the audience.

Justice League

Yes, it’s finally happening. The juggernauts of comics are all going to be on screen together for the first time. (except for Green Lantern… but then again he deserves a time out). Batfleck will return with his thunder buddies to take on a big bad, all pretty by the book stuff except it has Batman so it going to be awesome.

Unless there are any Martha’s in the vicinity. Then it will go all Watchmen on us. Nitpicking aside this has the potential to be DC’s first billion dollar movie since Bat-Nolan. Yeah, it could tank but I think DC has learned from their mistakes. (God let me be right just this once).

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Really? Do I even need to justify why this is on the list, or must I explain why it is not number 1? Well JL only gets the top spot because…Batman.

But finally finding out who Snoke is and who Rey’s folks are, will be top priority this Chrismas. (What if Snoke is both Windu and Rey’s dad… Boom) Will we see force ghosts?


An R-rated Wolverine movie as Huge Jackedman’s swan song. (unless the movie does well) The trailer looks promising and tries to adapt the classic Old Man Logan story less the key characters that are contractually bound to the MCU, as such will have some shortcomings. But it also hints at the debut of fan favourite X-23, which may help to balance out the missing MCU guys. Its seems to be very character driven and that’s always good.

Guardians of The Galaxy volume 2

Chris Pratt is back as Star Lord, but this time he is going to be overshadowed by the tiny Baby Groot, who has already captured the audience’s hearts with his short but memorable intro in the trailer. GOTG was a fun movie, and this looks to build on that. Some interesting universe expanding and insight into characters. Sequels amp up the antics and this looks set to do the same. A definite  crowd pleaser.

Lego Batman

The Lego Movie was one fun rollercoaster, and Batman (as always) stole the spotlight. So much so, he was rewarded his own movie. Generally I wait for animated stuff on Blu-Ray, but with this one, I wanna laugh my socks off in Big Screen glory. It’s like meme heaven or parody paradise.

And my honourable mentions are

Fate of the Furious, without Paul this franchise could be running out of road, but has earned its viewership and thus deserves this one last ride.

Pirates of The Caribbean, Jack is back and so is Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly. I just hope they can capture the magic and freshness of the original.

Wonder Woman, The first woman of comics will become the first woman hero to get her own movie.  The fact that Gal Gadot looks uber hot has nothing to do with it. “its coincidental”

Power Rangers, an old favourite as a kid, while I have seen the toys and not very impressed with the Zords, I will still be checking this out as it has loads of potential if done right.

Thor 3, I am not a big Thor fan but Marvel says we must watch this movie and what Marvel wants, Marvel gets, (Xmen aside). But Planet Hulk subplot and Dr.Strange appearance may make this a fun flick.

What are your top 5?

Shoot off in the comments and let your choice be heard.

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