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Video Game Feature: Lets Play Gone Home

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You get home after spending some time abroad, arriving at an empty house you start to look for clues on where everyone has gone with the player assuming the role of Kaitlin Greenbriar. After reading the note on the door you look around for a key to enter the new house for the first time. Luckily you have a map to show where you are in the house as it is quite large.

The map helps you to keep track of your location and shows hidden passages when found.

I got this game on the PlayStation 4 a while ago and only recently started to play it, needles to say I was quite surprised on how it ends but I’m not going to tell you. What I can tell you thou is that inside the house you will find lots of clues and notes, even some hidden passages. Many of the items you interact with will trigger an audio event acting as a flashback to give you more background, but most of the time you will have to read. The amount of interactive items is impressive although not all of them have a function, same with cupboards and various desks with their drawers don’t forget to check them all.

Inviting inst it ?

Being alone doesn’t sound scary but believe me the atmosphere does get to you at times, and with books about poltergeists lying around its no surprise to get shivers running down your spine. For trophy hunters there are quite a few to bag, even one if you finish the game under one minute (it can be done if you know where to go). But for now I invite you to watch my video and enjoy a quick look at Gone Home.

I wonder who was reading this, ooh look a soda!

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