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Video Game Preview: Elium – Prison Escape

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Update & BONUS: Here is the continuation of the prison break.

Today I will be giving you guys a sneak peek at Elium a new Indie prison escape game with a medieval theme, being developed by Lone Artisan Games using the Unreal Engine.

The game starts with the player’s character a prisoner of war sitting in a cell, after the intro video your character stands up and you can explore the cell. The game will always start in this way, but what you will soon realize is that the maps are generated randomly. So every time you start a new game it will be different, giving you new challenges to overcome.

Combat can be a bit of a pin to get used too, but once you master it you will well away with your escape.

To give you an example the first time I played there was a rock in the cell that I used to break the lock. On my second play trough I was surprised to find nothing off use in my cell, but I was able to steal the key from the guard as he was patrolling the area. So in terms of keeping you on the edge of your seat and thinking fast the developer really did a great job.

This guard didn’t even notice that I took the keys, not to mention his sword.

As you sneak your way through looking for the escape route you will encounter various items such as, sacks of ash that you need to use to extinguish fires, handy spikes against the walls that you can kick the guards into. The game features a first person and third person combat system to cater for different players, but it also features stealthy game play so it’s not always in your face combat.

Items you collect will be automatically equipped if you are not wearing anything.

The melee combat is quite interesting and takes some getting used too, you ready your attack and slightly move the mouse in the direction where you want to strike and then release. You can block attacks and there is even an option to turn on manual parry direction, meaning you will have to block and get the direction right to avoid getting hit.As an added bonus you also get a full inventory system, but you will have to keep an eye on what you pick up since you can only carry a certain amount. For players who are struggling with the combat, you can load the training stage to help you master it.

Here you can train to better yourself in combat.

Overall it’s an interesting game and I can’t wait to see the full game, it reminded me of Thief  so it definitely brought back some good memories of my earlier gaming years. One feature I found very fascinating in terms of realism is the fact that you can not only rescue other prisoners, but also give them items looted from guards such as weapons and clothing. They will help you engage the guards in combat. You just need to be careful not to inflict damage on them as you can unwillingly kill them during combat.

You can rescue other prisoners and they will help you.

Unfortunately one of my fellow escapees was killed in action by myself. RIP Random cell dude.

After you complete a level you will be given the option to save your progress, when returning to your game you can see stats like your players level, how many prisoners you had with you when you ended the current level and the amount of coins you had.

Freedom ! Not yet its only the door to the next level.

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