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Video Game Features: The Deadly Transition from Movies to Games

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Hi there

Friday the 13th, a fun horror movie franchise that has kept us entertained for decades is making the leap into gaming.


We all are well acquainted with Jason Vorhees and his adventures with his machete. Many have cos-played the character and there is enough toys to warrant his fame.

Slice of Pie?

The game takes a very novel approach and makes him the playable character (this means you) and he goes hunting. I saw some pretty cool murders (oh its not nice when you call them murders but fatalities are accepted?)


And I got keen to play this game… then it dawned on me: “What happens when the novelty wears off?”

What indeed

Must have been love but its over now…

This may seem like a fun twist on the protagonist, and present interesting ways to kill your victims. It even seems to forge its way through the franchise as you start  with his original gear and seem to finish with the burnt hockey mask. But then again this could just be skins and that simply isn’t as appealing.  The real question is will this game have enough depth to keep you vested?

Do you see the termites?

More Murderers Needed

The idea is there but needs to be developed more, in fact if they want to charge 800 plus for this game why not make it seasonal.  Season 1 which focuses on Jason, the game can be shortened and say season 2 have Freddy Krueger, Season 3 Myers. Each season focusing on a different character. It will keep thing interesting and fresh. As each character can have a particular set of skills. We can even a arena mode pitting live players who must kill each other.  Perhaps rights issues may prevent this from happening but unlikely these characters will get solo games so you never know.

Let me help you with that neck spasm

To Kill or Not to Kill?

Will I buy this? Highly unlikely. It does not have enough for such a larger investment of cash when they are better games out there. As a budget 200 buck download? Sure why not. Now this was supposed to be an opinion piece but digressed into a review, which if I must be honest is a bit unfair on a game not yet released. I belive some movies translate great into game and some just do not. For this one I will reserve my opinion until the final polished prodcut is released. But the product looks like a pretty girl about to take a stroll in Camp Lake….

Wet Wild and Wicked


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