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Video Game Preview: Card Quest – Card Crawler

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If you had offered me a copy of an unknown game called Card Quest, featuring card play and dungeon crawling, I’d have dismissed it citing gross incompetence on my part. Yet, upon the insistence of my editor, NiteFenix, I took it on. I’ve had to swallow my words since playing it. This game is addictive in an unexpected way. Think of it as an amalgamation of area of effect attacks, spells and damage modifiers. Don’t let that fool you, though; there’s something Winterspring Games forgot to tell everyone – they found the secret sauce of gamer addiction without resorting to fancy presentation. Oh, to the card game players out there – please bear with my newness to the genre.

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Areas of Effect and Damage Stats – RPG staples

There are three classes to play as: Rogue, Fighter and Wizard. All three have their own limitations and strengths. The Wizard deals decent damage while having low stamina. The Rogue dishes out the numbers but has low health. The fighter, most balanced of all three, has high health, stamina and builds a stat called Tactics. You can think of these as special attack gauges which build with certain defensive cards.

The one key stat Card Quest relies on is stamina. Without it you cannot defend nor attack. When enemies stack up, you’ll want to manage that very well. The fighter and rogue have similar levels of stamina, but hinge on different fighting techniques. Rogues depend on dexterity and momentum. Fighters use brute strength but use the most stamina. Wizards build up stamina faster than both, but have cannot attack as much due to their lower constitution.

Card Quest

Like to die? Card Quest’s lesson of choice remains death.

Personally, I found myself enjoying the Rogue the most since avoiding damage was the simplest. As a beginner the Rogue was the most accessible. Everything you do depends on tactics. This means balancing out use of attacking cards, and saving those necessary defense cards. As you progress, monsters gain higher health and take more damage while dishing out more. Avoid getting hit wherever possible. This means using those temporary defense buffs and recovering wherever you can. As you progress through each dungeon, expect to face more enemies – hidden or otherwise. Since Card Quest is turn-based, effective use of your cards is the difference between life and death. What I did appreciate is that to weak your enemies, you have to take damage. From Software used similar approaches when giving players buff rings.

Card Quest has some pretty brutal bosses

Boss battles are brutal as hell

Having beaten two bosses (both being quite difficult at first), the first thing one realises is that momentum is critical. Playing your cards right is critical here. No pun intended. Being reckless in the first few rounds costs you much later on. So yes, you’ll beat a boss but then end up dying to the minor enemies in the next dungeon. It’s merciless, really. Perhaps we need to have a health replenish after each dungeon? Who knows, maybe even a difficulty setting to let low level players settle in a bit better? At low levels I see many beginner players feeling discouraged from wanting to progress even if your player level stays the same after death. That made Card Quest feel like too much of a grind.

Card Quest feels like an old game, but holds some truly addictive qualities

While I only got in a few hours, my Fighter hit level 4. It made the game much easier. As more bosses are defeated, expect more item rewards, which in turn allow restoration of health and other useful buffs. Armour is also only given once you defeat certain bosses. If you’re not fussy about the lack of a checkpoint system, Card Quest can be very satisfying.

Not all levels are available

Fine-tuning and balancing work needed

Last, Card Quest is in Early Access. Some areas of the game aren’t available as yet, since the game is in Early Access. Even though this is the case, I can safely say that in the game’s current state, Card Quest is massive. There is so much to play through here, and the random card combinations will keep things entertaining throughout. Like I said, Card Quest sells the game addiction drug without flashy presentation, and that is a miracle in itself. Now, if some of those balancing and difficulty curve issues could get resolved, imagine what the game will be like once its completed?

Competition time!

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