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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you would’ve heard of Conan Exiles (or at least seen the floppy dicks); the newest entry into this post-minecraft, survival-driven road we’ve been heading down for the past few years. I’ve had the chance to play with it for the past few weeks and this is what I think (so far).

The survival game community (myself included) is a bit of an odd one, always seeming to jump from one game to another in a perpetual cycle of early access releases and never seeming to care what that release may be. See, dear reader, the games in question can be complete and utter garbage however, the community will still pry what little enjoyment they can out of said releases before moving on to the next. Because of this fact, most reading this article would have already decided where they stand on Conan.

Much like Ark, Conan is a first-person survival game with RPG elements (set in the incredibly interesting Conan universe) that uses a very similar system to how Ark does their engrams. These are basically item blueprints that can only be unlocked by leveling up your character through various actions such as killing monsters, or harvesting resources.

And just like Ark, this eventually becomes an incredibly tedious and frustrating process, not being able to craft even the simplest house without sinking a decent amount of time into working for that specific goal. Luckily, unofficial servers exist that increase your xp gain rate substantially and this is definitely the way to play.

As I mentioned before, since this is set in the Conan universe, a number of strange and unholy beasties roam the wastes, looking for easy prey to rend limb from limb (which will happen to you, a lot). This provides a lovely reason to not instantly kill other players as these beasts often require teamwork to dispatch effectively.

Now being an Early Access Survival game, you would expect bugs from Conan (and you would be very apt in assuming so). There are a LOT of them, some minor annoyances and others being very difficult to overcome, such as the massive attack range monsters seem to be capable of employing which can get very frustrating to deal with and will, no doubt, chase a lot of people away. However, if you’re a person that can look past it, you will find an incredible amount of depth here (from monster slaying to God worship in fact).

Honestly Conan is something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who isn’t deeply entrenched in the survival game community, it’s still quite early in development but shows a large amount of potential and since Funcom isn’t a brand-new start-up; I’m fairly confident they will be able to deliver on that potential so keep an eye out, this may be Ark’s biggest competitor.

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