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Competition: Geek Fest Double Ticket Giveaway – Week 2!

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Following our very successful first competition, we are starting again while things are fresh! If you missed it though, we’re giving away a set of double tickets to attend Geek Fest (1 day passes only!) every week until Geek Fest. Great, right?

Yesterday we announced our first winner, let’s see if you can win our next set of double tickets. Here are the rules in case you forgot, updated slightly to compensate for existing winners:

  • Anyone can enter, as long as they are in Johannesburg at the time of Geek Fest and can attend. The only people we won’t permit to enter are the winners in these consecutive giveaways. So if you’ve won 2017 tickets, you may not enter again.
  • There are no restrictions on this one, even if you’ve entered and won a competition in the last 3 months you will be eligible. Aside of course from this series of competitions.
  • General Terms and Conditions apply.

So without further ado, get entering and we hope to see you at Geek Fest 2017!

Geek Fest Double Ticket (1 Day) giveaway – Week 2

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