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Movie Feature: Fan Interaction – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Pre-Screening Event

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Greetings Nodians

In our ongoing attempt to become more interactive with you, our fans, we would like to put an idea out there that we’d like your opinion on.

We are not sure how many of you guys are interested in the Valerian mythos, but this is a great opportunity to gauge what reaction would be like should we decide to do a Pre-Screening Event.

Together with Times Media Films, we would like to do just such a thing and also turn it into a cosplay extravaganza for you! We could potentially even throw in some prizes for various categories. If you’re a cosplayer and you are not familiar with Valerian, check out some of the coverage we’ve done on it and if it looks like something you’d be keen on attending, let us know! The event would in all likelihood only happen in July, but we’re putting our feelers out now so that we can make an educated decision as soon as possible.

Valerian Teaser Trailer

Valerian Trailer 2

So, in order to see if the interest is there, we’d like to run this fun little poll, so please, share it on to all your Cosplay and Valerian-loving friends and let’s see if an event like this would be something you guys would be interested in.

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  • Samantha Claire Marais

    It would be better to open up the costumes to all Sci-Fiction. That way you’re more guaranteed costumes. Not many people are aware of Valerian, and don’t really know the characters. Whereas a lot of fans know Fifth Element, and other sci-fi movies and games. 🙂

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