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TV Series Preview: American Gods- S01E05

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Good morning Nodians and welcome to something new here at Geek Node. In the run up to our Season 1 review of American Gods, we will be pushing out previews every week for those of you anticipating this hot new show on Amazon Prime, starting the preview of Season 1, Episode 5. Enjoy!

Lemon Scented You

American Gods has been a hell of an experience thus far. Last week’s episode took an unexpected turn but a welcomed one none the less. I honestly hope they have more like this in store as the series unravels itself. The back story of Shadow’s wife was foretold but seeing it from her perspective added a new dimension to the story.  This week’s episode will explore their reunion. It may be short lived thought as Mr Wednesday is back and the Norse god along with Shadow get kidnapped by the New Gods. I was eagerly awaiting the next heavenly confrontation with the New Gods and it seems my thirst will be quenched. (Hopefully by more of that highly stylised blood splatter). So while we wait here are a few early screen shots to whet YOUR appetite.


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