Editorial: Behind the Masks – A word on Cosplay – Special Feature Kinpatsu Cosplay – Geek Node

Editorial: Behind the Masks – A word on Cosplay – Special Feature Kinpatsu Cosplay

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Darth Zady Bun
This entry is part 2.5 of 3 in the series Behind the Masks

“Behind the Mask” – A Word on Cosplay

Geekfest 2017 Special Feature : Kinpatsu Cosplay


Cosplay is the contraction of the words “costume play”. This art form involves participants (i.e. cosplayers) dressing in costumes and accessories to represent characters. Hell, some cosplayers even go to the extent of role-playing to represent their chosen character.

With the source material ranging from comic books, video games, live-action movies all the way through to television series there’s something for everyone.

While the Cosplay scene in foreign territories is fairly well established, recent years have seen a boom in the Cosplay community here in South Africa as well.

I noticed that there is more than enough media coverage on the magic of Cosplay out there, yet it seems that there is a serious lack of focus on the artists behind the masks.

Nobody talks about the challenges the artists face or the work that goes into the artwork itself.

In this series, I will (together with the help of some of my friends) try to unpack the mystery and mystique of exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

Today’s feature:

In this special feature, I talk to my new friend Tayla from Kinpatsu Cosplay.

She shares her journey with us and we outline 10 Tips to help you kickstart your cosplay journey.

She also debuts her newest talent – sound effects!

You can reach out to and support Kinpatsu Cosplay at the following links:




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Lastly, if you are a cosplayer who has an interest in chatting to me about your experiences please reach out to me.



This entry is part of 3 in the series Behind the Masks
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