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Event: GeekFest 2017 Preview – Vidcast with Chris Jordan

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Chris Jordan

This is the week we have been waiting for – GeekFest 2017.

So much to look forward to this year – the fact that it is hosted at the beautiful Montecasino is already enough to know that once you get your geek on, there is still time to go take in a show, dabble in some responsible gambling, and have a couple of drinks over a meal with your mates or family.

I have a confession to make – and it’s shameful.  I AM a geek, proud of it, but never have been to GeekFest before.  I know.  Get the rotten tomatoes and start throwing.  I deserve it. This year joining GeekNode has opened up my naivety to how much more there is to enjoy as a fully fledged geek.  So GeekFest was at the top of my list.

But where to begin?  It’s overwhelming – what with the Cosplayers, RoboWars, Fight A Knight, the Geeklympics – and let’s not forget about over 50 stalls chock full of “Geek-tastic” merchandise.  So join me in taking a moment to mourn the loss of whatever you thought you had planned for a budget post the middle of this month, and give it up for the love of being a geek.  It’s better when you know you’re not alone.  Take my (our) money, yes?

Hell yes.

I have another confession.  It’s kind of a brag more than anything.  We at Geek Node are hosting GeekFest Radio with Uncut Media on the day, and yours truly will be your host on the main stage for the day.  Don’t worry.  I haven’t requested my trailer have only blue and white M&M’s – yet.

But enough about me.  Actually, that’s a lie. There is more about me, I just need to say something about this vodcast below.  It was very spur of the moment.  Kasia and Richard from GeekFest called me on a Saturday morning telling me that Timeless were having a board game party out in Edenvale (Timeless will also be the hosts of all things board games at GeekFest) – and of course, we all went over there to chat with the board gaming community.

It’s a cam journal, very “Blair Witch Project” vibes.  So get your valoid.  But it’s good. Give it a watch.

See you at GeekFest 2017.

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Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan

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