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Video Game Feature: Gran Turismo – Looking in the Rear View

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Gran Turismo supercharged its way onto the top of my racing game list with GT4. Even way back then it had the sense of realism that no other car game could offer. As the franchise grew, so did the garage. In fact, the selection has become so extensive that even prototypes are now being included for play. The various race options have grown from simple sprints and circuits to rally, snow, go-karting and LeMans modes and challenges to name just a few. By the way when I say LeMans; I mean true to God 24 hours real time, bleeding thumbs LeMans! Never was I so grateful for the pause button! After finishing that race I had the greatest respect for real drivers. That’s the gem of Gran Turismo, its charm though sometimes it’s Achilles heel.

With all the different racing games available, as is the case with the actual Motorsport, there is always going to be some debate as to which driver/team (or in this case which game/console) is the best.  I have heard claims that Xbox’s Forza is the gold cup of these games. I cannot pass judgement on this as I am a pure blood SONY boy, and as such have never strayed into the murky waters of Microsoft’s console jungle. However in the interest of gaming, if anyone out there is ready to loan me a console and a copy of Forza, I would love to give it a whirl and make the comparison afterwards (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink).To my mind, Project Cars is GT’s closet rival, but I always felt that as good as the game is, it just doesn’t quite feel there yet. It feels lacking something, or maybe that’s me being biased. But this isn’t an article on which is the better title, just a fanboy awaiting a title.

Exiting the Apex Moving along…

Bottom line, if you’re a proper racing gamer then this game is most likely in your top 3 list of racing games. , and like me, you eagerly await the release of Gran Turismo Sport. Yes, the game has been delayed several times now. The guys at Polyphony Digital are the most critical of designers and are the type to withhold a game simply because the exhaust notes don’t mirror the actual cars when downshifting as you approach a bend. Yes, they that specific (or A**L) about the finer details. But to me, that’s what makes this game this great.

However, while the game is great, it was never flawless. My biggest gripe has always been the lack of a body modding feature. They got engine mods down to the dime, but the body has always been limited, to say the least. We really do need some Veilside in our virtual lives. I have always found it ironic how the Arcade style racer Need for Speed: Underground got it right while the “Macdaddy” just comes up short.The online mode does not experience as much lag as other games but a lot of detail is lost. Hopefully, this is remedied and the cars will look more grounded and not flicker across the race track.Now that was the old GT5, I never got to 6 due to me trading in my PS3 in for its Next Gen brother. There was never a port, so I never got to take the game for a spin. I stand to be corrected but I do believe a lot of bugs were fixed but gamers still felt it was more of the same.

I am pretty confident the game will launch soon (he said with feet on wooden floor, clasping a rabbit’s foot in one hand and a four leaf clover in the other)

Beta Call All

If you’re a PS Plus subscriber you may have received an invite to participate in the closed Beta testing. I have tossed my parchment in the Goblet of Fire, and hope it doesn’t spit me out like the Nurburg Ring. The trailers look good, and the in-game ones had me drooling like a puppy in a hot dog factory. Needless to say, I am pretty pumped up for the entry. If ever there was a reason for VR, this is certainly one. The POV here will be second to none… okay, maybe just second- but watching too much of that “other” stuff will have you going blind.  Point is I am eagerly waiting to jump in the hot seat, hit the gas, hit the gear and be gone…

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