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Geek Node News: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

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This has got to be one of the hardest posts I’ll ever write. Something that has been coming for a while now, but not wholly unexpected. With these five words, it all comes to an end. Nearly 2 years of hard work – blood, sweat and tears.

Geek Node is shutting down.

As mentioned, I have put every bit of myself into this website, to the point where I just can’t anymore. The website has taken every bit of me and more. I’m not giving up. Certain things in my life have to just take priority. Primarily of which is my health, which has been suffering lately. Those of you close to me know the situation. More than that I will not discuss.

I love Geek Node, and so do all the wonderful writers that have come and gone in the last year and a half. Which I’ll cover in a bit more detail later. We’ve had some great memories, namely all the rAges we’ve attended as a team. The launch events we’ve attended. Tournaments that we’ve held and many many more. We’ve built many great relationships, some of which will likely continue for some of us beyond Geek Node’s existence, but one thing I’ll always be grateful for – the friendships I’ve built with some of the writers.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert at running an entertainment website. The only thing I, as owner and editor of this site, have ever claimed to is that I was and am a geek. From the get go, my vision for Geek Node was to create a pure, unadulterated, fun and honest (to a fault) platform for the writers and myself to produce content on. Contrary to some people’s belief, our goal has never been to take advantage. Instead I can proudly say we as a collective have been pure in our intensions and that I can honestly be proud of.

Which is why it saddens me to write this post. Despite our good intentions, it is time to say goodbye.

To each and every one of the Geek Node writers, both former and present – Thank you for sharing in the vision with me. Thank you for putting up with me and most of all thank you for those that stuck it out, despite my senile ways. Here is a list of each and every one of you that helped make Geek Node a reality.

Paul Roux – BiPolarBear
Andries Brink – Bravesock
Chris Jordan
Arielle Pieterse – Constantine104
Darryl Linington
Zaid Motala – DarthZadyBun
Tanya Beckmann- FairyQueen
Brian Murdoch – Fanatacit
Friedrich Rabie – Gatsusama
Graham Van Der Made
Husnaa Kajee – Gypsyrose
Lauren Melnick – Harlequinn
Norman Van Wyk – HavokZA
Brett Magil – Jupiter
Altamish Khan – Khanival
Daniel Hallinan – Kharrak
Neville Schwartzer – LGG
Gordon Ringani – Metal Pangolin
Marko Swanepoel – MGThabo
Brandon Hunter – MilkMonsta
MJ Khan
Kurt Mullins – Mount Tuesday
Lizl Brink – Ninowe
Andrea Hayes – PartyPanda5
Noelle Adams – pfangirl
Ziyaad Jina – phatmammasboy
Matthew Day – PikeyZA
Zubayr Bhyat – plut
Charl Potgieter – PottyZA
Zaakira Moola – PrincessofJozi
Mohamed Sader – Fame / Prodigy
Ruan Du Toit – Pyro
Sizinzo Maqubela – S3nsationz
Lenise Boshoff – Sai
Rael Unterslak – Senna-Tor
Brendan Ward – SparrowHawk
Jacques Du Plooy – StuntZA
Stuart Hobbs – The Stubbs
Zane Van Heerden – The Stranger HAZ
Kyle Peck – Tusk
Janrik Oberholtzer – Uberutang
Werner Morris – Desolation Morris
Brenton McPhee – Zakeroph
Arno Ralph – Zartek_ZA

To our suppliers/PR people. Thank you for all the support over the last few years and good luck with your future endeavours. We sincerely appreciate the opportunities and continued support that you gave us over the running period of this site. We know we weren’t perfect according to expecation but we sincerely tried our best to make you guys happy as far as it was capable.

Operations will be winding down over the next week or two in order to meet commitments and Geek Node will remain live for posterity’s sake for an undeterminable amount of time.

Thank you for your support Nodians. Know that we do appreciate it.

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Jonathan has been a journalist for several years. Writing primarily about video games, and occasionally films and television series. He spends most of his time talking crap on Twitter and looking for the meaning of life in all the wrong places.
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  • TheStranger

    I’ve had some great times this past year, from getting some awesome tech to meeting some awesome people. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone so thank you Jon for giving me the opportunity, what feels like so long ago now, to contribute to this great platform. And thank you to all the writers in the Tech department who’s enthusiasm and passion helped take Tech to new heights.

    I hope to work with you all again soon and I’ll see you guys at the next braai :).

  • Conrad Stoltz

    I am really sorry to hear this. Hope your health improves and on a geek note…. May the Force be with you!

  • Thanks for having me on board mate. Was good fun when I did contribute.

  • Zaid Hassen Motala

    I am saddened to learn of this.

    I wish you every success as you go forth.

    Look after yourself.

    My tenure at geeknode allowed me to experience a different, broader perspective of the South African geek culture.

    Thanks for the platform.

    To all the readers, though the website is winding down, The passion never dies!

    Don’t be a stranger.


  • Not think of offering it up to the writers to take over?

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