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Who are we?

Geek Node is a new geek lifestyle magazine-style website with one goal in mind. To bring you, the reader, an undiluted, unbiased and truthful look at the various entertainment industries in both South Africa and the rest of the world.

We pride ourselves in straying from the norm when it comes to bringing you news, reviews and opinions. If you feel like you could be a part of Team Geek Node in any of the below departments, give us a shout.

Meet the team:

Jonathan Bester
Editor-In-Chief / Entertainment Editor
Jonathan has been a journalist for several years. Writing primarily about video games, and occasionally films and television series. He spends most of his time talking crap on Twitter and looking for the meaning of life in all the wrong places.
Jacques Du Plooy
Gaming Editor / Tech Author
Some say that he sees the world at 144 frames per second and his thumbs are actual analog sticks. All we know is he's called Stunt.
Zane Van Heerden
Tech Editor / Development
Gamer, programmer and pc masterrace-er, my heart has pumped all things digital for longer than I can remember. I firmly believe that if you want to see the best of human ingenuity and passion, you need not look further than your local group of gamers.
Brenton McPhee
Gaming / Geeky Goods Author
Janrik Oberholzer
Tech Author
When I asked my mom where I was from she said they caught a wild ape and shaved it… she weren’t joking. This primate has an unhealthy obsession with all things tech and pc gaming and when not in front of his Battlestation he can be found roaming the Cape wildlands with his motorcycle.
MJ Khan
Gaming / Entertainment Author
A veteran gamer and award-winning strategist, MJ enjoys eating chocolate eclairs and watching WWE. He completed his Masters coursework on videogame theory and enjoys writing about representation in games.
Noelle Adams
Entertainment / Geeky Goods Author
South African Tomb Raider, Pop Culture Explorer and Geekaissance Woman who writes it all. Loves movies, comics, games and cosplay. Most frequently seen fangirling on Twitter.
Charl Potgieter
Not the mamma!
Tech Author
Developer by day, gamer by night. Charl loves everything about gaming and tech, and sometimes writes about them. When he's not busy gaming, you can be sure he's thinking about it.
Chris Jordan
Podcast Co-Host / Entertainment Author
At the risk of sounding lame instead of witty, I'm going to stick to the basics in this snap bio. I'm radio broadcaster with an affinity for the geek in all of us. I have been involved in radio for the past 16 years, met some cool people, done some cool things - and this is just another really cool thing to add to the list. TMNT fanboy, illustrator, authour, lecturer, consultant and resident "motor-mouth Mabel".
MIndless Pixie
Elsabé Bester
Freelance Web Developer, Creator, Supreme Commander, The Herald Of Fate, Devourer of Worlds. Mostly Harmless.
Mohamed Sader
Entertainment / Gaming Author
The possible result of lab experiment gone horribly wrong, a real life Anti-Hero with all of the sarcasm/attitude and non-of-the superpowers. Still tears up each time he sees Arnie lowered into the molten metal. Thinks he is super funny… others beg to differ. Was going to live his life ¼ mile at a time until he converted it to the metric system… and would choose the red pill every time. Driven by Dreams and Fuelled by Passion.
Kyle Peck
Geeky Goods Author
Hello, my name is Tusk or as my parents call me, Kyle. I am a geek and avid comic book reader and fan. I've loved everything there is about comic books ever since I was 8 years old when I first started reading and collecting comics. I have an unhealthy obsession with comic books and the characters I love growing up. Characters like Batman, Superman, Power Rangers, and Ninja Turtles! When it comes to reviewing comic books, expect brutally honesty. I’ll try to be objective, but reading comics is very personal and subjective. I love the geek community. The passion and comradery gets me very excited! I believe that comic books are the greatest form of storytelling!
Zubayr Bhyat
Gaming / Tech / Entertainment Author
Zubayr could be defined as any one of these traits: Grizzled, optimistic, jaded, blunt, opinionated, irreverent and reserved. His experience was once carbon dated to the glory days of Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. It still amazes him how irrelevant those have become these days.Some say his tears generate DLC unlock codes, and that the WASD combination was discovered by his typo while on Yahoo Chat.
The Stubbs
Stuart Hobbs
Tabletop Author
The Ubergeek made up of parts from lesser geeks in a lab somewhere. He also likes RPGS and useless facts.
Norman Van Wyk
Has delusions of adequacy, wishes time travel existed, really gets angry logic and plays a sarcastic devil's advocate on occasion. Games, technology, machines, tv and movies. GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!
The Fairy Queen
Tanya Beckmann
Entertainment Author
Tanya is a stay at home mom and aspiring writer with four main hobbies: watching anime, writing, crocheting and being a mom. Not in that general order. Calling her The Fairy Queen is fitting because she is short and bossy, but friendly.
Brendan Ward
Gaming Author
Brendan hides behind both LCD and DM screens from the lure of adult life. Perpetual student on hiatus and freelance writer of things. Indie game enthusiast. Maker of puns and cuddler of cats.
Gypsy Rose
Husnaa Kajee
Entertainment Author
Gypsy Rose is convinced that she's actually a fictional character who has somehow accidentally ended up in the real world. As a result of this, she finds herself being frequently delusional, living la vie en rose. Her only saving grace would be the escape into the wonderful world of animation, musicals and cinema.
Mount Tuesday
Kurt Mullins
Entertainment Author
Kurt is a film editor, but more so an emerging creative. Amidst all the red bull and late nights, Kurt is also trying to find a cure for PSD, post-series depression. He prefers Apple over Windows and occasionally uses local slang.
Ziyaad Jina
Entertainment Author
After years of delusions believing he will grow up to be Steven Spielberg, months of therapy finally helped him overcome his disorder. He now believes he will grow up to be both the Coen Brothers. Ziyaad has taken his love for movies to an abnormal level, leaving his glamorous job as an engineer to make movies, write about movies, talk about movies and on occasion do expressive dance showing his love for movies. He knows his movies like he knows the time of his bowel movements (surprisingly very well)…
Rael Unterslak
Tech Author
Rael has always been drawn to anything that has a circuit board and power. He loves being able to get his hands dirty and has a passion and reputation for being extremely handy. Its no surprise then that he has made IT his profession. Through his passion and love for all things electronic (both PC and gadgets) he has grown his knowledge base to a level where most people who know him often seek his advice and respect his opinion on all things IT.
Lenise Boshoff
i am a crazy person ^^ Absolute World of Warcraft fanatic, believes in unicorns, dragons and fairies because the little voices tell me they are real!!
Paul Roux
The best person to offer the worst opinion. Paul's interests include adding 100 hour JRPGs to his backlog and dark walks through dungeons. You'll probably find him rambling on about old man Nintendo or that crazy newfangled eSports thingy
Altamish Khan
Videographer / Entertainment Author
Adventure, wackiness, fun and bizarre. Things you will find that exist in Khanival’s world. Loves moving pictures (also known as movies or films to some) and is passionate about visual storytelling, from filmmaking to video editing and even photography. Fellow geeks will be invited and informed, quite honestly, into cinema’s latest offerings and more in a wonderful, yet strange "Khanival".
Brett Magill
Guest Contributor - Entertainment / Geeky Goods
A complicated eccentric entrepreneurial millennial the wants to take over the world one tech business at a time. Also likes Queen, Doom 1 and referencing Stargate Sg1.
Andrea Hayes
Tabletop Author
Andrea is a game designer with a passion for creative writing as well as cats. She is in her 4th year of study at Wits and is all about that academic life. Andrea spends the majority of her time trying to balance out playing really cool games and trying to make really cool games.
Darth Zady Bun
Zaid Motala
Guest Contributor
Zaid is a story teller, traveller, artist, entertainer and comic culture geek of note. Powered by chocolate, and guided by an ever growing bucket (and collectibles) list, he finances his addiction to geek merchandise, comic books, action figures and all the cold cast porcelain and PVC pieces of heaven he can buy by giving (mostly) legal advice. He is also rumoured to have once eaten an entire pack of Marie Biscuits with a single mug of Five Roses Tea. Witnesses deny the incident.
Friedrich Rabie
I'm 35 obsessed with anything gaming and technology related. Staying in a quiet town does have its drawbacks as we don't have the fastest internet, but that wont stop me from enjoying my passion for gaming. Just a quick shout out to my lovely wife who supports my dreams and my friends and all the crazy moments we have encountered in games.

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